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The Turquoise Ledge: A Memoir

The Turquoise Ledge: A Memoir - Leslie Marmon Silko Turquoise and Star Beings and Snakes, oh my!Leslie Marmon Silko writes meditatively about her relationship with the area surrounding her home in Tucson. She takes long walks through the arroyos and picks up nuggets of turquoise or quartz or chyrsocolla on the way and ruminates on how they came to be in her path. Were they left by an ancestor? Were they moved with the rains? She is most passionate and lively when a wealthy landowner who has built a monstrous home near her walks begins using a bulldozer to steal rocks from public lands. He destroys natural habitats and Silko believes is responsible for the attack on her military macaws by a great horned owl. She tries to contain the destruction, but as we all know too well, the rich grease the politician's pockets....A slow, deliberate view of life in the southwest. Silko reminds us to pay attention to the natural world and respect all living creatures, even the ones who may be from outer space....