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The Girl Who Fell from the Sky

The Girl Who Fell from the Sky - Heidi W. Durrow A sad and beautiful story of a young girl who survives. An examination of race and the adjustments that Rachel, a Danish/African-American girl must face when she moves in with her paternal grandmother. The sad truth that we are judged more often by the way we look than who we truly are is one of this novel's main points. How do we move beyond our skin color? How do we see someone for the person inside amidst a world full of stereotypes? "When I hang out with Jesse and Brick at lunch and sometimes after work, we talk about people who walk through Pioneer Courthouse Square or real things: like what's happening in the world, or books, or things like that. I forget that what you are - being black or being white - matters. Jesse makes me see there's a different way to be white. And Brick makes me see there's a different way to be black." (136)