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Nature Cure - Richard Mabey Author Richard Mabey finds himself in a deep depression and uses his connections to nature to help save himself. A terrific book filled with descriptions of the English countryside-fens, birds, flora, etc. What we need to work on to save ourselves and the wild parts of this world. The list of our disastrous failures, from forest obliteration and oceanic pollution to the raising of the extinction rate a thousandfold, bears all the marks of a species which no longer believes itself to be part of the animal world at all. We're becoming unearthly, freed, we like to think, from the physical imperatives of nature by technology, and exiled from its sensuality and immediacy by our self-awareness. Our role on the planet is compromised less by our power than by this arrogance, and the belief that our particular brand of consciousness makes us uniquely privileged as a species, entitled to evaluate and manage the lives of all the others on our own terms. (from Nature Cure)