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Among Others

Among Others - Jo Walton "I thought, sitting there, that everything is magic. Using things connects them to you, being in the world connects you to the world, the sun streams down magic and people and animals and plants grow from sunlight and the world turns and everything is magic" (294).Everything IS magic, including this book. We are all connected to one another and the natural world and everything we do has consequences, so every single one of us holds power. Morwenna is the kind of girl I love. She is brave, smart, honest, a voracious reader (of mainly SF) -- she has no idea how very lovely she really is, which is refreshing. I don't really get on with people who KNOW how smart and beautiful and wonderful they are and never fail to make sure you know, too. Morwenna is the complete opposite -- plus, she believes in fairies and magic and loves books, libraries, and bookstores. Really, what's not to love? There are dozens and dozens of references to classic science fiction, which I'm not too familiar with, but I now want to dive into, so of course my to-read pile has grown much larger. This story reinforced my belief in magic and the power we all hold within ourselves to make the world a better place. So wonderful....