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The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel

The art of racing in the rain - Garth Stein I love this book. The story of a family's struggles and triumphs -- narrated by Enzo the dog. Enzo is smart, humorous, curious, and frustrated that he can't communicate properly with his family. His one wish in life is to be reincarnated as a man -- an idea he's picked up from watching a documentary on television about dogs in Mongolia. Yes, Enzo is a t.v.-loving canine. He has his favorite actors, films, and he especially loves watching his master Denny's racing videos. A wonderful story that made me laugh and cry. Our city has chosen this for its community read-together, One Book Yuma and Garth Stein will be visiting our local community college and library at the end of February. I can't wait! "When I return to this world, I will be a man. I will walk among you. I will lick my lips with my small, dexterous tongue. I will shake hands with other men, grasping firmly with my opposable thumbs. And I will teach people all that I know. And when I see a man or a woman or a child in trouble, I will extend my hand, both metaphorically and physically. I will offer my hand. To him. To her. To you. To the world. I will be a good citizen, a good partner in the endeavor of life that we all share." (Enzo)Anyone who has ever lived with and loved a fellow creature will understand the often wondrous acts of communication between humans and other animals. And anyone who hasn't lived with and loved a fellow creature will probably think pretty seriously about visiting their local animal shelter and bringing one home to share their lives with them after reading this book.